The Pandoras Box System

Pandora’s Box System is a program that is designed to help a man read a woman’s mind. Created by the amazing, Vin Dicarlo, this dating guide helps men to understand women and develop long lasting relationships by using the strategies of this program (read the full Pandoras Box Review here). The starting point for the program is a quiz that is free and has no obligation. In this quiz, men will be able to begin to profile women and to learn their patterns and the common personality types. It consists of nine questions and it will allow a man to profile a specific woman type and learn how to approach and deal with this type. Again, go here to check it out yourself: So the man taking the test should answer the questions honestly in order to get the most accurate results. The information that can be learned about this type of woman, as they are categorized, can be shocking.

Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed WomenThis system allows in depth study of women and gives men strategy for the upper hand in a relationship, or getting to the relationship point. Based around three questions, her timeline, her sex line and her relationship line, a person will be able to find out what pleases this lady. There is a series of videos that will explain all different aspects of a woman. Wonder where she fits on the relationship line? There is a video that is designed for each aspect of the female brain and understanding exactly how they think will allow a man to have the upper hand. For instance, in one of the videos, it explains all about the woman who surrounds themselves with women friends. These women are more than likely the type that has to fix their man. Meaning, they always find the flaws in any relationship, and want to go after them to correct all the wrongs and create the perfect guy. These women are a bit of a challenge but the video will show how she thinks and how to get inside her head for a relationship.

Another woman the Pandora’s Box System talks about is the accounting textbook. These women are self-sufficient and can provide for themselves without the help of a man. The trick in dealing with this kind of woman is doing too much or coming on to strong will be a turn off. This woman does not like the door opened for her and prefers to pay for her own meal. A man must tread lightly with this specific type, because they are not likely to want to be taken care of and their independent streak can be a damper on any relationship. However; the goal of profiling is to help learn how to deal with this specific kind of woman. No one can help who they fall in love with, but by understanding this person on a deeper level, they can have a fabulous relationship and mind blowing sex.

The Pandora’s Box System puts women into eight personality types. Personality types like the hopeless romantic, Cinderella and the Playette, as well as others are reviewed here. The strategy guide is the best and most important part of the entire program. Once a person has determined the type of woman and personality they are dealing with, then it is time to learn techniques and how to deal with them effectively. Some say this guide is shockingly accurate and has been more than helpful. Not every girl will fit into one specific type, some may be a combination of two or three and this guide will help strategize on how to deal with them. While there is always the exception, typically one category will fit each woman. Next, a man can plan his seduction and his method of attack to get his woman.

Those who are stuck in the friend zone or are in a relationship that does not seem to be advancing can benefit from this program. Men are finding out what they are doing wrong simply by profiling the woman they are interested in. The Pandora’s Box System puts things into perspective for many men and allows them to change their entire approach from dating to marriage and even sex. Want to have mind blowing sex that curls toes, who doesn’t? Understanding how a woman thinks and feels will unlock the door to intense pleasure and gratifying sexual encounters. Learn her desires and how she gets what she wants. In fact, going inside the female brain can be an amazing journey that will not only give intense insight but will explain so much of what a man has been doing wrong.

Stop doing all the wrong things and start doing the right things. Get out of the friend zone and move into the lovers’ area. Those who have tried and tried and yet failed once again need this program. The Pandora’s Box System is designed for those who are unlucky in love and need a little boost to help them understand her desires and pleasing their woman. Whether needing a woman or wanting to intensify an already existing relationship, this program is exactly what ever single man needs. Those who are married can also benefits by just understanding their mate more in-depth.

Do Penis Pills Work Or Is It A Big Joke

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I just don’t buy it – but apparently some guys do – as you can tell by sites like So there must be some guys who take them, and I would love to hear if they actually work to make your unit longer.

Also, I found this site to be more humorous than actually a resource. In fact, I contacted the site owner at and he said he made the site just so he could put big dick pills on his business cards when he met new people.

Now THAT is funny.

Movement For The People

How Important Is Your Vote?
A single vote can make all the difference in an election. Children should be taught the importance of the vote from their earliest introduction to education. Yet, many eligible voters don’t vote. This is especially true in local municipal elections where voter turnout is often mediocre at best. Votes reflect the will of the people. Without the right to vote, the voice of the people can be completely silenced. This is why voting is so important.

Implementing Governmental Changes Through Voting
When voters choose their candidates, they do so based upon what they believe the candidate will offer them or their states. Yet, the pool of candidates often stray from this once they become part of political bureaucracy. In order to properly implement change, it takes voter majority on issues. What voters may miss is that their voter influence begins in their local voting districts and municipalities. This creates the ripple effect that ascends higher and higher up political ladders to the floor of Congress. It is thus conceivable that an issue in a small voting district can become a major national issue. As an example, in the early history of the United States, statehood may have begun in a small local district and eventually grew to a national issue. The right of women to vote is another example of a ripple effect. Issues can divide the electorate based on party lines or on ideology. Grass roots voter groups are often the catalysts for changes in government. This is certainly true in the case of special interest groups who support environmental issues. If not for these groups, the use of the insecticide DDT, for example, might never have been banned.

Peaceful Demonstrations Effect Government Change
Demonstrations and protests have been a part of many attempts to effect government change. Most individuals recall the Civil Rights demonstrations across the USA in the late 1960′s and early 1970′s. As a result of these demonstrations, the Equal Employment Opportunity Act and Affirmative Action Act were passed to regulate bias in the workplace. The ripple effect from this was the passage of legislation that also prevented bias based on gender, age and religion. From single acts of peaceful demonstration, much change in government can be accomplished. Peaceful demonstrations usually are organized by an interested core group with a specific purpose or agenda in mind. The number of peaceful demonstrations are a visible sign of movements for the people. Perhaps, this is a return to the origins of earlier history when people determined the course of human events and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as suggested in the preamble to the US Constitution.

Movement for the People – The Advent of New Changes
Whenever people of like minds gather into a movement, much is accomplished. The power of unity within a movement emanates from the ability to remain consistent in purpose. Once fragmentation erupts, the initiatives of the movement weaken considerably. At present, there is a movement for the people under way. This is likely the advent of new changes to adjust the problems people in the movement believe have not met with their expectations or the operatives of the Constitution upon which their government is based. These movements become a refreshing discourse on the power of the people and their vote. Movements for the people can introduce a new era of thoughts, ideas and direction for the government.

Peaceful Demonstrations and Powerful Voting
In the USA, the most powerful voting bloc are dedicated, patriotic voters. Senior citizens comprise this voting bloc in larger numbers than younger voters. Most senior citizens know how important a single vote can be and they vote in nearly all local, county, state and federal elections. Many seniors citizens also comprise large numbers of peaceful demonstrators in movements for the people. It’s an amazing sight to see peaceful demonstrations to protest various governmental issues. Tens of thousands of people rally together in strategic locations to voice their protest when they believe their government is not working for the greater good of their country. This proves that coupled with a strong voting bloc, peaceful demonstrations are powerful voices of the people.